To establish a training center known as Divine Heritage Training Center in Thailand to train young Christians in general and Seventh-day Adventist in specific to be self-supporting Bible Workers for the spreading of the Gospel throughout Thailand.


1.                  To establish a yearly training program at Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand to train each year 10 – 20 young SDAs. 
2.                  To establish various profitable business and business models for students to work with as their future business careers.
3.                  The income from various businesses operated by Divine Heritage (Thailand) Co Ltd will be channel to fund the operation cost of the training center.


Capital Requirement:

Purchase of two three storey shop lets at Muak Lek:             B6,300,000
Renovation of the two shops:                                                 B2,000.000
Yearly operation cost for two years:                                       B2,000.000


Each year we will identify 10 to 20 Seventh-day Adventists Christian youths between the ages of 15 to 25 who are spiritually committed and are eager to spread the Gospel and have a flair for business or managing of businesses.


1.         This project is sustainable with the injection of fund into the project.
2.                  The existing businesses and those being implemented by Divine Heritage (Thailand) Co Ltd within the next one year and should be able to generate more than sufficient income to provide a constant stream of finances for the operation of the DH Training Center.
3.                  The graduates will each operate successful business that can also contribute tithe and offering to the Church and also we hope they will in turn also sponsor other young people to be trained at the DH Training Center.

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