What We Do

The following are the projects we are current working on or plan to implement when funds are available:

1.    We research, develop and market bio-diesel using waste.

There are a number of new technologies being experimented that can convert waste into bio-diesel fuel for vehicle.  Example of waste products would be turning re-used cooking oil into bio-diesels, harvest and turning algae grow in treated sewage water into bio-diesels, growing fast growing trees and oil plants in barren land and use these material to turn into bio-diesels.  The key is to use waste material and unusable land and turn them into useable products. 

We would like to test and introduce these new ideas and make it commercially available in Thailand.

2.    We research, develop and market energy saving technology to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel. 

There are a number of new technologies being developed to harness and solar, wind and ocean wave into electric energy on small or big scale.  We like to investigate, test, market and install these products to households, shops and institutions to help them be energy self sufficient at an affordable price.  If need be, we may finance the installation of the facilities.

3.    We develop a viable agricultural business that uses little space.

We are developing mushroom farm, micro-green farm and other potential agricultural enterprise that are low cost, high return and enhances the food chain and use of unproductive lands.  This will create jobs and livelihood for the poor in the villages and towns

4.    We develop healthy food and wellness centers.

Health and food are interrelated.  In order to have healthier body, you need to feed the body with proper food.  We like to develop healthy food products, cafes and restaurants and natural remedy clinics and centers to help the general public live and eat healthily.

5.    We train young people to be self-sustaining Bible workers in cities, towns and villages.

We like to train a young team of Bible workers to be self-sustaining through operating small businesses in cities, towns and villages. This will help, to rejuvenate the rural areas and also prevent the influx of young people coming to the major cities looking for livelihood.

6.    We help establish churches in cities, towns and villages.

We like to establish churches in area where we have our trained Bible workers.  Our plan is to send the trained young people into cities, towns and villages throughout Thailand to build up viable businesses and also ultimately establish a community of believers.  The place they operate the businesses, which normally are housed in a two to three storey shop houses can doubled up as a place of worship on the upper floors.

7.    Charitable projects and donations.

Divine Heritage (Thailand) is set up as a not-for profit organization.  The profit it generates will be used to train young people for this ministry and also to help them to establish themselves in different parts of Thailand.  We will also use a big part of the proceeds to donate to charitable projects, services and establishments.